Cashback campaigns are an effective advertising measure to place your products in the market through a purchase incentive without affecting the perceived price level or damaging your brand in the process. With the help of a cashback campaign, you will stand out from your competition and secure a competitive advantage through higher demand at a stable price level. By registering customers after purchase, you gain valuable purchase and customer data.

As your partner, we develop the design of an appealing promotional website according to your ideas and with your corporate identity. Our best practices allow your customers an uncomplicated and fast registration, where all customer data is checked in our audit-proof workflow system with the newest technologies to protect you from possible fraud. All data is subject to GDPR and hosted on our servers in Germany. Our financial services ensure secure disbursement of cashback amounts in a variety of countries and currencies, as well as via alternative, modern payment methods. You receive regular reporting and a clear final report for detailed evaluation of your target groups. To ensure high quality and customer satisfaction, our customer service is available to you throughout the campaign.

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Advantages of cashback

Increase purchase incentive

Increase sales while maintaining original price and margin.

Attract new customers

Statistics show that up to 80% of shoppers would switch brands to take advantage of a compelling cashback offer.

Customer loyalty

A cashback program builds brand awareness and promotes loyalty.

Increases sales

Effective means to sell excess inventory, sell proven products in high volume.

Data generation

Enables you to obtain valuable consumer and reseller data.

Custom scalability

Can be applied across industries and products and scaled to your services or business.

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