Brand and reach awareness are valuable factors for your business success. With the help of targeted competition marketing, you can achieve reliable results for both factors. For your customers, the potential prize is an incentive to take part in your competition. Together with our experienced team, you can design a competition that is tailored to your expectations. With an intelligent design of the conditions of participation, you have the possibility to set your focus and reach the selected target group. Our know-how and experience from many competitions are at your disposal.

But it does not stop at advice. With TechProtect, you have a full-service provider at your side who will take over the entire operational process for you. Together, we manage to reach the emotional level of your customers. This leads to a level that is activated in competition marketing and thus enables you to achieve long-term customer loyalty. According to your ideas, we take over the design of the campaign website and the support of your end customers. We also organize the procurement and dispatch of the incentives for you. Last but not least, you also benefit from a central contact person for all areas.


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Advantages of a competition

Brand and reach awareness

Take advantage of the high attention of a competition and transfer this attention to your corporate brand.

Target group information

Get interesting and promising information and data about your customers.

Purchase incentive

Your customers are motivated to buy by the incentive. This ensures you a predictable increase in turnover and sales.

Customer loyalty

Your customers associate emotions with your corporate brand. This helps you win new fans or reach customers who remain loyal to your brand.

Plannable costs

Depending on your budget, the costs for your competition can be planned very well. You determine the amount of the prizes offered.

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