FullService Provider for Circular Economy inside the Product Life Cycle

TechProtect provides your company with take-back solutions for end-of-life products and marketing programs to promote new product introductions into the marketplace. We close the loop on the modern circular economy and make your business more sustainable.

For this purpose, our highly motivated and qualified team with more than 20 years of experience from working with leading global brands, is at your disposal.

Your control over the product life cycle


Control distribution and sales according to your goals using incentive models such as trade-in, cash-back and buy &try. With our promotions, you control the sales and timing of the promotion for a product launch, for example.

Take Back

Individual incentives tailored to your particular goals: Gain market share, manage recyclate volumes ideally and as needed, buyback your own products for extra high-quality recycling, de-marketing to manage spare parts inventory, and more.

Look & Feel

Control of campaigns via Internet-based portals in the manufacturer's corporate design.

Complete processing

Registration, reverse logistics, remanufacturing, resale, recycling and disposal.

Disbursement management

EMEA-wide payouts / refunds to end customers.

Support for your customers

Multilingual Customer Management Center (up to 15 languages).

years of experience

team members


nationalities in the team


companies served so far

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