Product additions are effective purchase incentives and help you increase sales of your main products. Your customers benefit from an additional product or a voucher and the feeling of having made a good purchase. We advise you on the design of these Gift-with-Purchase promotions (GwP) and implement them according to your individual wishes.

In contrast to campaigns, where the customer already receives the product addition in the store, an online promotion gives you the advantage of receiving interesting information about your target group. For this purpose, we create a promotion website entirely according to your ideas and in accordance with the most modern standards. All data provided by customers is handled and secured by TechProtect in compliance with GDPR. The subsequent data check in the audit-proof workflow system distinguishes a particularly high level of security and protects you from possible fraud. For the transport and storage of material product additions, we have an International Logistics Network and the legal expertise.

Throughout the campaign, we support your customers with questions through our internal Customer Care Center.

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Advantages of a gift addition

Sales increases

Effective means to sell excess inventory and sell proven products in high volume.

Customer loyalty

Gift-giving campaigns strengthen brand awareness and promote loyalty.

Image enhancement

High-quality product giveaways enhance the image of one's brand.

Value perception

Value perception of the gift is usually significantly higher than the procurement costs.

Versatile gift options

Gifts can be transmitted physically by means of logistics, but also electronically (e-vouchers).

Data generation

A GwP promotion allows you to obtain valuable consumer and reseller data.

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