Money-back guarantee

You want to convince your customers of the quality of your products and make the purchase more comfortable? Offer your customers the option of a money-back guarantee and thus reduce the purchase risk. With the help of TechProtect, you will stand out from the competition in your customers’ decision-making process and ensure significant increases in sales. We take over the entire processing of your individual money-back guarantee. Our customers are thrilled with the results and the feedback from their end customers.

After a detailed consultation with our experts, we will develop your individual campaign website for the money-back guarantee. For the sustainable success of your corporate brand, the website matches your corporate identity. Our internal Customer Care Centre, which is available for the support of your end customers, ensures their satisfaction. In the case of possible product returns, the safe return transport of your products is our top priority. With the help of our logistics department and international network, we have the necessary capacities and certifications to ensure the reliable transport of your equipment. TechProtect also handles the payments to your end customers using modern and innovative payment systems. You benefit from the speed and security that distinguishes TechProtect.

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Advantages of a money-back guarantee

Lower purchase risk

Your customers feel a significantly lower purchase risk due to the money-back guarantee and decide in favour of your brand.

Market launch of new products

In order to successfully establish new products or product generations on the market, the money-back guarantee is the optimal promotion.

Measurable success

Through the linked registration of participating customers in conjunction with precise tracking and reporting, you can measure your success very accurately. In addition, valuable conclusions can be drawn about customer satisfaction.

Plannable sales increase

With a time-limited money-back guarantee, you can count on a plannable increase in sales and the associated increase in turnover. The verification of a timely registration takes place in our Customer Care Centre.

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