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Employee interview with Dennis B.

Hello Dennis, thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself briefly to the readers. Hello, my name is Dennis B., I’m 19 years old and I’m doing my apprenticeship as an office [...]

Headphones – sustainable!?

Well over 15 million headphones were sold in Germany last year 2020.[1] Digitalized communication channels ensure intensive use and strong demand in private and professional environments. But [...]

Analysis of consumer buying behavior

Purchasing behavior plays an important role in many marketing decisions. But how exactly do consumers’ buying decisions behave and how can I, as a company, start here with my marketing [...]

Case Study Trade-In

The consumption of electronic devices is becoming very fast moving due to the growing market. Devices are being replaced by a newer model faster and faster. For companies, this creates problems [...]

Case Study Cashback

International price wars are becoming more and more frequent. Many companies from a wide range of industries are following this trend completely unintentionally and without any awareness of the [...]