We think circular

The vision of our group of companies 4SquareReturn is that we keep all electrical appliances in the circle in compliance with the law and this with 100% CO2 neutrality. This is what we are working on and this is what we want for our future! To be able to go this long way, we, TechProtect GmbH, have to start working on it together with you. With our many years of experience from numerous take-back and marketing programs, we have already been able to serve the circular economy and take a first step towards future-oriented product life cycles.

Our mission is to help companies optimize their product life cycle and become part of the circular economy. With our take-back programs, we want to give the used raw materials a “second life” and ensure that scarce resources are used sparingly. At the same time, our aim is to reduce the growing volume of electronic waste. With our marketing programs, we would like to take a further step in helping companies to a sustainable product launch. In doing so, we aim for sales growth within an ecological framework.

Are you interested in joining us on this path and becoming part of the circular economy with your company? Then please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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