5 Questions for… Bettina und Katharina (Kathi)

„Behind The Scenes Interview“

 – Please describe us briefly in 1-2 sentences which function you have at TechProtect.


I work as a web developer at TechProtect. Beyond my duties as a web developer, I take care of the interfaces to and from our front ends. For website related topics, I am the internal contact person and I accompany the projects. Currently, I am also involved in numerous internal automations for manual processes.


I work as a project manager at TechProtect. Planning and realization of customer projects such as cashback or trade-in camapaigns are part of my area of responsibility. Furthermore, I am responsible for the implementation of internal process optimization projects.

– What are your first steps as soon as a new promotion is commissioned?


We start with a phone call to our client, where we discuss the promotion ideas and the details relevant for the realization. Subsequently, we agree on the schedule for the execution of the project. Once all the necessary information is available, we first create a proposal for the layout of the website. In doing so, we orientate ourselves on the corporate design of the customer. Next, we prepare a text proposal – this includes all the texts that will appear on the website, including terms and conditions and privacy policy, as well as the customer communication templates. Once both have been reviewed and approved by the client, we start programming the website and setting up our order management system. In addition, we make all internal preparations to ensure that the promotion can go live at the agreed time.

– How can one imagine the development of the promotion?


As soon as we have the texts and layout approved by the customer, several processes start in our IT department. We take care of setting up the server, the domain and the mail address, but also the website itself. Here it is important to bring together the necessary form queries and agreed points with the desired look and the written texts. Then the site is connected to our order management, so that in the end we can handle everything smoothly.

– What needs to be considered in the background for managing the end customer data?


We ensure that all data transmitted to us arrives at our system securely encrypted. To do this, we use various common mechanisms such as HTTPS and SSL encryption, among others.

– What factors do you need to consider to ensure a successful implementation?


Good planning and coordination of promotion details at the beginning are absolutely crucial for the successful and on-time setup of a promotion.

In addition, good communication and coordination during the setup is very important, because during the setup some independent tasks are performed on the customer side as well as on the TechProtect side.

Thank you!

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