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Go to the office?!?

What do you mean exactly? It is becoming more and more common that many companies offer the option to work from the office or mobile. Sometimes only for a few hours, but often companies even [...]

Internationality at TechProtect

Globalisation makes internationality an important issue for most medium-sized companies. Expanding into other countries brings not only advantages, but also challenges. Employees suffer from [...]

Interview with Marc Frohm├╝ller

Hello Marc, thank you very much for your time. We are excited about the interview with you! You have been with TechProtect since January 2021 as the new managing director. How would you describe [...]

Plastic waste in our oceans

Our oceans are drowning in plastic waste, and it is not only plastic waste that affects our oceans, chemicals, medicines and pollutants also affect the lives of sea creatures. According to WWF [...]

Case Study Take-back solutions

As the amount of electronic waste is increasing every year, a new law was enacted in 2015, which obliges electrical manufacturers to take back a part of the sold devices from the consumer in an [...]