Internationality at TechProtect

Globalisation makes internationality an important issue for most medium-sized companies. Expanding into other countries brings not only advantages, but also challenges. Employees suffer from language barriers or different time zones can be a problem. But the entire company also takes risks with an international strategy. Different laws, the different infrastructures, the geopolitical goals and the economic strength of the different countries play a major role. These are not always positively related.

Globalisation in Mobile-Office Mode

Not only globalisation supports the idea of mobile office, Corona has also given new meaning to the term mobile office. Many employees can no longer imagine working without a home office. The mobile office is not only advantageous for the employee, but also for the company, because the mobile office increases the attractiveness of the employer. Mobile office has also become an increasingly popular way to work among students. Many working students go abroad and spend time there and do their work in the mobile office during the day. This allows them to gain important experience such as a new understanding of the culture. But the language of the respective country is also learned or developed. These so-called soft skills, such as knowledge about another culture or society, are becoming increasingly important for companies. By working with employees of other nationalities, new views and approaches can also be acquired, which can be very important for a company. The most important point of internationalisation, however, will be the opening of new sales markets.

Due to globalisation, many companies tend to merge with other companies or to establish a subsidiary abroad. Corona has also not weakened the situation of globalisation, but only changed it considerably. This strategy has disadvantages, but mostly advantages.

But how international is TechProtect GmbH?

TechProtect does not define itself as international only because of Mobile-Office. TechProtect International is represented and active in many departments and areas.

People of many different nationalities and backgrounds work at TechProtect GmbH. In our customer centre alone, we cover six different languages. In total, TechProtect GmbH has 13 different nationalities in the team. Through different views, knowledge and experiences, this allows for more effective and efficient teamwork. Not only are our team members all over the place, but our partners are also very broadly positioned internationally. TechProtect’s logistics partners are located from Sweden to Dubai and Portugal. In total, we have a pan-European logistics network in over 35 countries. Through the international banking network in 50 countries, we are able to make payments worldwide in 20 currencies. But the customers we act for are also international. Clients like HP or Logitech are represented all over the globe. In addition to our partners, the entire 4SquareReturn Group also has various locations around the world. The 4SquareReturn Group is represented in Shanghai, Paris, Dallas or Corfu, for example. The dual students in the company also have a stay abroad in the 3rd semester of their studies. This allows them to gain important experience and knowledge that can be valuable for the company.

Diversity and internationality are very important at TechProtect, whether among the employees or in daily business.

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