Case Study Trade-In

The consumption of electronic devices is becoming very fast moving due to the growing market. Devices are being replaced by a newer model faster and faster. For companies, this creates problems in retaining customers and gaining market share. The environment is also suffering as a result. Global e-waste is demonstrably increasing every year.

The following case study reflects the situation of numerous companies, but at the same time offers a target-oriented way out in order to seize competitive advantages and new opportunities.

Case study of PC-World AG

PC-World AG has been established on the market for many years. The main component of its product portfolio is laptops. In this area, the company is known for its high quality and is considered a premium manufacturer.

As every year at this time, the marketing department of PC-World AG is in the planning stage for the coming fiscal year. In analyzing the past few months, those responsible were able to identify negative developments in customer behavior. Due to the large market offer of laptops from different manufacturers, customers do not remain loyal to a certain brand, but decide anew with each purchase. For PC-World AG, this has resulted in a loss of market share and difficulties in launching new products. But how does the company now find its way back onto the road to success? Pure advertising on radio and television has not been able to produce the desired success in recent months.

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