Trade-in – how does it work?

TechProtect gained over the past 20 years experience and know-how on the topics of take-back solutions and marketing programs. With services such as Trade-in programs, we stand for sustainability and especially the reuse of important resources, which is a top priority for us. Through reuse, supposed waste can often be reprocessed so that it can be used several times for its original or other purpose, which is even better for the environment than just recycling.

How does a trade-in program work?

A trade-in program is a service offered by OEMs or manufacturers that allows customers to exchange their old or used products against a certain amount of money (or voucher) towards the purchase of a new item.

This program provides customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade their belongings while also encouraging sustainability by reducing waste.

Our logistics network enables us to collect old equipment and, in a further step, to disassemble the equipment into its individual components via one of our recovery partners and return it to the cycle. But also the used fully working equipment can be reused and reintroduced into the market. Payment of rebates or cashback amounts is made through our Europe-wide network of bank accounts for convenient domestic transfers. Consequently, we complete the circular economy and create new sustainable opportunities such as a green image, environmental compliance, and more.

These programs can drive customer loyalty and attract new customers, as they offer an incentive to choose a particular brand or retailer. Trade-in can increase a good customer positive relationship and generate additional sales opportunities. Additionally, the collected data from trade-in programs, such as customer preferences and purchase history, can provide valuable insights for marketing and product development strategies.

Trade-in can increase the sales of new products and the green image of the OEM/manufacturing company to the same level.

We would be happy to advise you on how you can help make your product and its manufacture more sustainable with a trade-in program.

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