Case Study Sweepstake

In a global and digitalized world, the flow of information has become much easier, faster, but also more anonymous. By making the right decisions, you can take advantage of this enormous reach. The following case study addresses these realities and shows you how to deal with your customers under these conditions in order to achieve specific objectives.

Case study of Smart-H Ltd

Smart-H Ltd is a medium-sized company in the smart home industry. For many years, the company has been providing more security, more efficient energy use or a better quality of life in the homes of its customers through its products.

As timely as the intelligent products are, the marketing department of Smart-H GmbH had to face problematic facts and omissions. The demand for the products does not develop as desired. Of course, the Corona crisis also hit Smart-H Ltd hard and caused losses. Nevertheless, the company wants to come out of the crisis stronger than before and bring the company back on the road to success through targeted marketing. In connection with the declining demand, the marketing department has determined that there is insufficient awareness of the company’s target group. In the course of a detailed discussion, questions have been developed, the answers to which will serve as objectives for the next marketing campaign.

  • How do we manage to inspire new customers with our brand and our products?
  • What methods do we use to promote customer loyalty and offer incentives to remain loyal to our brand?
  • How do we get to know our target group better?
  • How do we conduct equal market research and gather important information?

Through constructive discussions about various possibilities, the marketing team came up with an ideal solution: Sweepstakes. With the help of a targeted and appealing sweepstakes campaign, Smart-H Ltd succeeds in inspiring new customers with its products and winning them over. In the same way, existing customers can be tied to the brand. A sweepstake campaign creates positive emotions, which play a very important role in buying behavior. In addition, an enormous range can be achieved through appealing and attractive prizes. Smart-H Ltd thus makes use of the characteristics of the digital world. The reach is used to collect valuable information. Participation creates an accurate picture of the target group but valuable information can also be gathered beyond this. The integration of selected questions can provide important insights into market developments and positively enrich the future development of Smart-H Ltd.

The decision has been made and the entire team is behind this planned action. However, some questions have arisen during the implementation. Smart-H Ltd lacks the necessary experience and expertise in the operational implementation of a sweepstake campaign. The topic of data protection should be mentioned first. But the conditions of participation also raise questions. What conditions may be attached to the chance to win? What legal principles must Smart-H Ltd pay particular attention to? The marketing team is convinced of the campaign and would like to profit from regular sweepstakes. Therefore, the team has decided to commission a service provider. The operational handling by a service provider with the necessary competencies saves Smart-H Ltd resources and costs.

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