Employee interview with Jan L.

Since when and in which area do you work at TechProtect?

I have been working at TechProtect since 2013. Initially, I was able to gain various insights into all departments at TechProtect as part of my dual studies in Business Administration-Industry. Since completing my bachelor’s degree in 2016, I have been working in the logistics department. Currently, I am about to complete my part-time master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management.

What are your tasks?

I mainly take care of coordinating the logistics processes within our logistics network so that the reverse supply chain is maintained smoothly. This also includes the logistics-specific setup of new customer projects in coordination with the other departments and the calculation of offers from potential new logistics partners in the network, as well as their potential integration into our processes and systems.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job are the daily challenges it brings. In a reverse supply chain, unexpected problems arise due to its dynamics, which require quick solutions. This also creates opportunities to make improvements in advance to ensure a resilient supply chain. This point, as well as the active design of logistics processes in customer projects, is the most appealing tasks in my job.

What challenges does your work present you with on a daily basis?

As already mentioned in the previous point, challenges are a central point in my job. From broken-down trucks to incorrectly delivered goods, new surprises come up every day, which have to be solved by coordinating with customers and logistics partners. In my opinion, this coordination between the customer and the logistics partner is the biggest challenge. On the one hand, you want to offer the customer a good service, and on the other hand, you want to maintain a good relationship with your logistics partners.

What has been your best experience at the company so far?

I can’t think of any particular experience at the moment, but rather in general the friendly relationship and the relaxed interaction in the company among colleagues. We’ve already had great company outings to go skiing and great Christmas parties. Of course, the completion of my Bachelor’s degree and the soon to be achieved Master’s degree also count towards this, as TechProtect made this further education possible for me.

What makes up TechProtect’s corporate culture?

The corporate culture at TechProtect is characterized by very friendly and collegial interaction. The flat hierarchies also create a good atmosphere in the company.

Three words that come to your mind about the company…


Christmas party

Opportunities for further education (studies)

That’s what I like most about TechProtect…

The friendly atmosphere and the possibility of my further education.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Eating and drinking well, vacations, watching VfB Stuttgart, meeting friends, skiing, thermal baths.

Thank you very much for your time.

Your welcome.

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