Global Recycling Day 2021

Today is Global Recycling Day.

This day symbolizes the global importance and necessity of recycling for a sustainable environment. As an important part of the circular economy, recycling protects our natural resources. When it comes to the future of our planet, there is no question that recycling plays a very central role. The importance of this day is made clear by the mission set forth by the Global Recycling Foundation:

  • “To tell the world that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue and that a common, shared approach to recycling is urgently needed.”
  • “To ask people around the world to think of the goods around us as resources, not waste – until that happens, we simply won’t give recycled goods the true value and reuse they deserve.”

Numerous recent projects highlighting the importance of global recycling have been recognized with as #RecyclingHeroes worldwide.

Every year, recycling saves up to 700 million tons of CO2 emissions and employs approximately 1.6 million people to process important recyclables. But people directly involved in the recycling process are not the only ones who can help create a sustainable environment. In addition to reducing household plastic consumption, the proper handling of old electrical equipment is a responsible task. Old electrical appliances contain many valuable materials that are only available in limited quantities. Therefore, it is very important to recycle the devices properly or to take advantage of appropriate offers such as old-for-new campaigns from manufacturers or retailers.

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