Miles for Smiles – our fundraiser event

“Miles for Smiles” – A Fundraiser Organized by the 4SR Sport Club

Today we are introducing “Miles for Smiles” – a cause close to the heart of 4Square Return Ltd.

“Miles for Smiles” is a donation event organized by the 4SR Sport Club. This event was created to donate to a charity as a customer Christmas campaign.

4SR Sport Club is a sport club within 4SR employee sport lovers whose mission is to help their co-workers lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. The vision is to see everyone in 1cc and TechProtect sharing a common sports activity.

Considering that many of us are part of the 4SR Sport Club and willing to be involved in such an event, we thought to make it different and more special, with everyone being able to contribute to a good cause.

How did this work?

There were four activities that we all participated in (walking, running, cycling, and a Pilates session), which were recorded via the Strava app in terms of kilometers or time. All activities took place in groups, which brought us all together and provided a great opportunity to bond as a team.

In our next post, we will provide further insight about the sporty team event.

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