The sporty team event for a good cause

As part of our customer Christmas campaign, the 4Square Return Sport Club’s “Miles for Smiles” event was created to donate to a good cause. Every 1cc and TechProtect employee was able to raise money through a sporting activity such as walking, running, cycling and Pilates sessions.

The event took place in the afternoon after working hours in the beautiful landscape of Schönbuch, which expressed the willingness and energy of people to participate in such an event. According to the motto: Together we can achieve more!

After the event, a nice barbecue was organized, where we could all exchange ideas about the activities.

The collected amount of this sportive action will be donated to the organization “Right to play“. This is a German organization with a goal to create better conditions for children from poorer countries through play and sports. Donations will be used directly to protect, educate and support children and youth in Right to Play programs. Some stories from children about this organization can be read here.

In summary, the event in three words can be described as healthy, inspiring and fun.

We believe that this event was a stepstone for the incoming events in the future!

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