Trade-In and which services are behind it

A trade-in program typically involves multiple services and stakeholders working together to facilitate the exchange of used goods for credit or cash towards the purchase of new products. Depending on the product and the wishes of the manufacturer, a trade-in program can involve various process steps.

In the first step, the product is returned from the end customer. If it is a very simple and compact product, the return can be done by a so-called label process. Here, the customer packs his product and sticks the return label generated by us on the package and the shipment is done normally via a parcel service provider. Often the products are potentially hazardous to the environment (e.g. batteries, electronic waste) and require transportation as required by law. For such cases, we work with logistics partners who are licensed to do so. Here we have the option to arrange a collection directly from the end customer in case of larger electronic devices, collection containers or similar.

In the next step, an evaluation of the returned products by a clearing center is possible. If the manufacturer wants to check his returns for brand, condition or type of product, there is the possibility to do this check at a collection point after the pickup. Depending on the feedback, the further procedure can be determined.

Subsequently, the products either go directly to refurbishment or to one of our recycling partners. During recycling, for example, important raw materials can be recovered from electronic equipment or new granulate from the plastic. Both can then be reintroduced into the manufacturing process. Remaining or non-recyclable materials in the product are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. To check in advance which type of recycling makes sense for the manufacturer, the product is analyzed for its components.

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